What is a Decorative Window Film?

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What is a Decorative Window Film?While some window films work to block sunlight or strengthen the window, other kinds of film are simply there for appearances. Among those films is decorative window film, which offers a variety of creative designs to transform the plain glass into a stunning, decorative window.

One of the downsides that you might assume about installing a decorative window film is that you can’t see out of the window. There are decorative films with intricate designs that cover the entire window, but that doesn’t mean you’ll entirely lose all visibility. Often, these kinds of decorative films are similar to a two-way mirror, where you can see out of the window, but people can’t see in.

The heaviness of the design varies with other decorative window films. Your window film could have classy borders that line the edge of the window, or you might decide that you like the look of a frosted window. You can really go all-out with a stained-glass style that typically covers the entirety of the window.

Other than its appearance and visibility features, decorative films are actually pretty effective in reducing the amount of harmful UV rays and decreasing the intensity of sunlight that normally passes through your windows.

Decorative window film has the potential to be a beautiful, helpful, and excellent addition to the windows in your home. Give us a call at Glass Tinting by SPF for more information on window films and tints for homes, commercial facilities, and personal vehicles.