Top Residential Window Film Choices to Consider

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Did you know your home windows can have more to them than simple panes of glass? The windows of your home do an excellent job of letting in light and allowing a good view of the outdoors. However, your windows can also result in an increase of unwanted heat in your home and give your neighbors a nice look inside.

Top Residential Window Film Choices to Consider

If you experience either of these problems or find that you want unique windows, decreased light, or an interesting shade, you should think about getting one of these options of residential window film.

  • Decorative film: With a large variety of colors, designs, and styles, decorative films allow for significant creativity. Common types of decorative film offer the look of frosted, stained, or textured window glass. And along with being beautiful to look at, decorative films work well to block UV rays.
  • Privacy film: If your biggest problem is potential peeping neighbors, then your top choice for a residential window film should be a privacy film. These films are great because they let you see out of the window from inside your home, but they don’t let people see in. Privacy films can also vary in how much light is let in and can come with reflective or frosted surfaces.
  • Security film: It might be hard to believe how a window film could offer protection, but security films do just that. This kind of film strengthens windows and makes the glass harder to shatter, which can help protect your home from unwanted intruders.

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