Three Things You Should Know Before Getting Auto Tint

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Having a car with tinted windows is considered a “cool” thing to do these days. However, there is more to auto tint than just appearances. You can actually benefit from having tinted car windows, but there are three things you need to know first before getting auto tint.

Three Things You Should Know Before Getting Auto Tint

  1. Reduced Light- You are constantly exposed to UV rays when you drive. A lot of UV ray exposure is not good for your health and something you want to minimize. Tinting your vehicle’s windows will help block up to 99% of UV rays from entering your car. Window tint will also reduce the glare from the sun and other cars’ headlights at night. However, you need to be careful and choose a window tint that is within the legal limit. If you go too dark and get pulled over, you might have to pay an expensive ticket, plus pay to get the tint removed. So do your research and figure out what the legal amount of window tint is and what auto tint is right for you.
  2. Quality- Make sure the window tint you install on your car is high-quality. A high-quality tint should have a scratch-resistant coating so it protects your windows from damage that is caused by weather, kids, pets, and surprises on the road.
  3. Visibility- One of the main reasons police pull people over for dark windows is because the dark tint can interfere with visibility. A dark window tint might not be problematic during the day, but at night it’s a different story. There are different levels of window tint, so if you are concerned about how dark the tint is, look into different options and find one that will give you the best visibility on the road and keep you driving safe.

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