Home Window Tinting: The Best Tints to Suit Your Needs

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Whether you’re trying to block some of the heat and light that seep through your windows or you want to prevent a full view of inside your home to everyone who passes by, there’s a perfect version of home window tinting for everyone.

Top Residential Window Film Choices to Consider

Each window tint varies in color, design, capabilities, and transparency. Here are a few examples of home window tinting to help you decide which kind you want to get.

  • Carbon tint: Most people who want a sleek, matte look for their windows will enjoy a carbon tint. Carbon tints are excellent at reducing the sun’s extra heat and harmful UV rays from passing through the window into your home. Plus, this tint doesn’t fade over time.
  • Ceramic tint: This tint is similar to carbon tint, but there are a few key differences. Typically, ceramic tints offer the same features as carbon tints, but those features are more improved and noticeable. Though ceramic tints are often priced higher, you can enjoy incredible heat resistance, increased privacy, and further durability with this kind of tint.
  • Metallic tint: Unlike the two tints previously mentioned, metallic tints are made from bits of metal. This tint is extremely strong and offers amazing privacy because of its reflective surface. You’ll be able to see out of your window, but the other side of your window will look more like a mirror to anyone who tries to see inside your home.

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