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Our team at Glass Tinting by SPF has extensive experience in installing window film of all kinds, including not just tinting film but also decorative window film options. As the name suggests, decorative window films are not designed to block out UV rays or protect your privacy, but rather to give your windows some extra visual appeal. Below, we’ll go over a few examples of the types of decorative window film we offer to help you see their design potential.

Decorative Window Film 101

  • Subtle Decorative Window Film – Many of our most popular decorative film options are relatively simple in design—for example, you can use our films to make your windows look frosted or to give it a pattern or texture. If you are looking to dress your windows up a little, without being too obvious about it, you can turn to our team to get the window film you need.
  • Bold Decorative Window Film – We also offer decorative window film options designed to dramatically change the appearance of your windows. For instance, we offer many options designed to make your ordinary windows look like stained glass—you can even find options by famous glass artists, such as Tiffany. If you want to give your space a bold new look, our decorative window films offer plenty of great options to get you started.
  • Seasonal Decorative Window Films – Lastly, we offer decorative window films designed to give your windows some seasonal flair. For example, many people love to use our snowflake window films to decorate for winter, and there are many other options you can use to decorate for other seasons and holidays.

If you are interested in learning more about our decorative window films, you can reach out to our team by phone at (910) 650-7023 or through our website.