Benefits of Security Window Tint

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When you think of window tinting, what benefits come to mind? Common answers may include greater privacy, reduced sun glare, or improved appearance. But did you think about the increased security?

Benefits of Security Window Tint

Crime is not a fun topic to think about, but the reality is that it happens, and it can happen to you. It’s common for homes to have large, uncovered windows to provide greater views. Commercial properties often have large windows to let in natural light for employees and guests. Unfortunately, uncovered windows can also encourage burglars to peek in and scan for possible valuables. They can also see when a home or building is occupied. Security window tint can deter these unwanted guests by restricting their ability to see inside.

Not only will security window tint prevent prying eyes from seeing inside the window, but it can also provide greater strength to the window and prevent thieves from breaking the glass. It can even prevent damage from severe weather. Special types of security window tint are made to hold the panes of glass together when hit with a hard impact. If impacted by severe weather, the tint will help seal out water.

There is also a built-in safety feature with security window tint. If a window were to break, the tint acts as an extra layer of protection against glass fragments. Even though the glass may be shattered, the film holds it in place. This is especially effective with automotive security tint.

Another special type of security window tint protects against graffiti. It is scratch-resistant and can help prevent vandalism and property destruction.

Window tinting has many beneficial properties, and the security aspect should not be overlooked. Give us a call today at Glass Tinting by SPF if you’re like to learn more.