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Our residential window films provide many advantages!

Residential Window Film in Wilmington, North CarolinaWhen you work with us at Glass Tinting by SPF, you will find that we have a variety of window film products to best suit your needs. While you might think of window tinting as something that is only for vehicles, residential window film is a great solution to many problems that homeowners face on a regular basis in Wilmington, North Carolina. Sun control window films will reflect heat away from your home while also blocking harmful UV rays that cause damage to floors, furniture, and other expensive home furnishings.

Protection is provided in different ways with our residential window films. In addition to protection from the sun, our security window films will transform your windows into a source of strength and protect your home and family from break- ins and severe weather. These films are designed to hold glass together during severe weather or “smash and grab” crimes. They help to seal out water, the primary cause of property damage, and they are constructed to withstand day-to-day abuse. Our safety films are available in clear or in a tinted sun control option.

In summation, if you are ready to

→ Keep your home cooler
→ Minimize solar hot spots and reduce glare
→ Conserve energy and save money
→ Reduce up to 99.99% of damaging UV Rays
→ Enjoy protection from severe weather, water damage, and break-ins

Then please give us a call today! We offer multiple lines of solar and security films backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.  Ask us what we can do to improve your view!

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